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Live Status Visualisation
Network Status via a Web App
Service and Host Status via Nagios

Intelligent IP Network Monitoring with Nagios®


Ability to monitor a range of electronic measures and conditions


  1. Node hardware component failure detection.

  2. Network performance.

  3. Measure bandwidth.

  4. Identify packet loss.

  5. Identify latency.

  6. Proactively trace network usage trends, bottlenecks and connectivity problems.

  7. Report generation for site management.

  8. Access and triage problems online.


Maximise the operational performance of the network.

Peace of mind.

Streamlined management of break/fix, and therefore lower maintenance costs.

Greater customer satisfaction and therefore a better value investment.

Share network performance data and statistics with stakeholders.

Detect security breaches.

Plan and budget for IT upgrades.

Appropriate and effective "Preventative Maintenance" programs can be planned around actual fault and failure information.

Preventative Maintenance can become properly designed and budgeted, avoiding excessive and costly "blind" service programs.

Easy detection of assets with repetitive faults, indicating potential replacement requirement.


Availability reports.

Historical reports provide a record of past alerts, notifications and alert response.

Can extend reporting capabilities via add-ons.

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