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Customised to suit any application, from permanent outdoor parking surveillance, to easily deployed temporary situations, Network Imaging Solutions is able to custom design and build a MOBOTIX IP Video solution to suit. Using state of the art technology, solar and battery back up, and if required multiple cameras for large deployment areas.

MOBOTIX has developed and manufactured IP video systems in Germany since 1999.

MOBOTIX stands out on account of its high level of reliability. All outdoor cameras are subjected to a stress test for temperatures between -30 degrees C and +60 degrees C. They work without additional components, without heating or cooling and are completely solid state.

The decentralised architecture means that a central computer is not required and the network load is minimal. The intelligent cameras for MOBOTIX process and store image data themselves, trigger events and, in the event of remote access, manage the frame rate and resolution depending on available bandwidth.

An intelligent IP video system from MOBOTIX allows you to reduce total costs. The investment pays for itself after a short time and free-of-charge software and updates ensure it is a secure and smart investment.

MOBOTIX delivers a comprehensive package, starting with the microSD card for storage management and HD-audio. With VoIP telephony right through to motion detection software, without false alarms, and the professional video management system with no license fees.

The new 6MP sensors and related thermal imaging technology ensure it is possible to reliably captures objects that are moving, even under the most challenging lighting conditions and over ong distances. As a result, it is possible to cover large areas with just a few cameras. MOBOTIX cameras are supplied using standard 802.3af PoE and do not require more than 4-6 watts.

MOBOTIX has launched a new series of thermal radiometry (TR) models to generate automatic alarms, defined by temperature limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources. Up to 20 different temperature triggers can be defined within the defined TR windows or the whole sensor image over the temperature range of -40 to 550 degrees C can be used with a typical accuracy of +/- 5 degrees C. MOBOTIX thermal dual camera systems also offer thermal overlay to localise the hot spot in the visual image.

A MOBOTIX dual camera system can automatically switch from the thermal sensor to the optical sensor, producing visible high resolution video in the case a moving object was detected within a certain predefined area of interest.

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