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Custom App for Live Monitoring

Custom App for Live Monitoring

Custom App for Industrial Control

Custom App for Industrial Control

Custom Software Development

App for Live Monitoring

Network Imaging Solutions developed specialised software which is designed to display multiple Mobotix cameras on monitors in a control room environment. The idea was to display many cameras over low bitrate connections, by putting the software user in control of the available bandwidth from the remote sites.

There was very little bandwidth allocated for the project on the network, with little understanding of the consequences around using high resolution cameras to display static images not to mention streamed video which caused a major problem for control room operators who had little or no vsibility of realtime issues during peak times.

We came up with a soution which allowed all 43 cameras to be displayed simultaneously by strictly controlling the resolution and framerate of every camera.

Features and Benefits:

  1. More cameras displaying live streams on demand given constraints.

  2. Software design is flexible in respect to customisation to suit user preferences, can be configured under user control or automatically on a schedule and layouts changed dynamically to suit various daily timetables.

  3. Sequenced display of images to allow more feeds in restricted monitor real estate.

  4. Only displayed cameras consume bandwidth with parameters being determined by user on setup.

  5. Puts end user in total control of making the best use of the bandwidth given the overall constraints.

  6. Increased efficiency.

  7. Low cost, reliable and easy to maintain.

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