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ANPR and Access Control Integration

ANPR and Access Control Integration

ANPR Freeflow

ANPR Freeflow

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

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Using optical character recognition on images to read the license plates on vehicles by software and high resolution cameras.


ANPR can be used to store the images captured by the cameras as well as the license plate number in text. Systems are able to use infrared lighting to allow the camera to take the picture at any time of the day. The ANPR technology NIS provides is plate specific to New Zealand and a proven technology.

ANPR Hardware:

Since 1988 Tattile has developed and produced License Plate Reader cameras for intelligent transport systems and mobility applications. A high tech company with a strong international outlook. Tattile distinguish themselves by a sharp innovation capacity and collaborative spirit which animates the entire organization.


Tattile's OCR is developed by an internal software team and offers more than 110 OCR libraries. More than one OCR library can be installed onboard each ANPR camera.

Top Performance Hardware

Embedded FPGA and multicore processors
High sensitivity sensors
SSD from 128 GB to 1 TB
IP68 protection grade
Extended temperature range

Scalable hardware architecture

The hardware system has been designed using a modular approach able to receive different processors.
Modular platform designed to include various sensors in order to match all the applications.
Use of FPGA grants a huge processing capability for real time processing and ANPR analysis.
Modular architecture allows an easy customization of the HW platform according to the complexity of the application.
Extra sensitive sensor mounted on Smart 2HD's context camera ensures images also in low light conditions.

Vega Smart Family

Multivehicle per second applications
Embedded license plate recognition, image analysis software, high resolution sensors, low power consumption and web server on-board.
Camera can be integrated/connected to external devices and can receive vehicle's class data from external classifier.
Stand alone thanks to local buffering of information.
Context camera capable of providing good quality images even in low light conditions.
Applications: Multilane freeflow, police enforcement, vehicle tracking and monitoring, border control, tax and insurance control, access control, congestion charge.

NIS and Tattile provide automatic recognition software solutions for parking, access control and similar slow speed applications where cars are slowed or stopped by barriers as well as for multi-lane freeflow and traffic statistic and analysis applications.

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Flexible and Powerful ANPR Solution
  • Open Platform

  • High Speed Recognition

  • Multiple Engine Support

  • Robust Database System

  • Flexible SDK Integration example: Skidata Access Control full integration

  • Own logo/branding optional

​Key Features:

Web interface interaction - password protected

Decentralised edge processing - optimise processing time, mitigate network latency

Open and flexible integration - 3rd party custom integration through API

Comprehensive feature set - flexible reports to suit the application

Cross platform system management - NEO operates across multiple operating systems

Distributed architecture for tolerance and redundancy

  • Stores number plates, (Optical Character Recognition: OCR), and vehicle images with search capability

  • Intuitive web interface - HTTPS Encryption (SSL)

  • Time/date stamped

  • Black list/White list (customised to suit) search by time, date or license plate

  • Control room "viewer" feature - automatically generated by the software for manually editing plates which can be tagged as "misread" or passed through by the system

  • Email notification on specific events/queries, i.e., non responsive software and specific logged transactions for event notification

  • IP notication "plugins" available to a nominated PDA device

  • Report Generation

Alarm Reports - general statistics, e.g., triggers on odd plates and misread plates

Event Reports - Date/Time/Plate - the lane assigned to the plate either on entry or exit

Customised Reports - Specific data (OEM requirement) format variations such as export to Excel

  • Generation of folders for multiple images such as rental car profile images to assess vehicle condition and flagged to the number plate

  • Database can be either distributed or centralised depending on the complexities required

  • Flexible software integration via external systems via API.


From one camera to many, extremely efficient design, limited only by processing power, and network design.

Can leverage off existing IP networks efficiently, won’t overload with video traffic.

NIS NEO ANPR Solution Video
Tattile Corporate
Tattile Axle Counter
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